TATOU – non profit company founded in 2010 for intellectual, artistic, cultural and research purposes.  

In particular, the company aims for:  

  • The creation of theater, dance and music performances in Greece and abroad.
  • The cooperation with state, private bodies of Greece, and abroad; dealing with art issues.  

Until today, TATOU has presented the following productions:  

  •  “anti gone2” 

Conception/Direction: Tatou Dede
Interpretation: Alexandra Rogovska, Marilou Vomvolou
Municipal Theater of Piraeus: December 2017.  

  •  “anti gone” 

Conception/Direction: Tatou Dede
Interpretation: Rodoula Gouliamperi, Tatou Dede.  

Theater Amalia: February 2017.  

  • “Lilith?” 

Direction: Manolis Ionas
Interpretation: Original music of Tatou Dede  

2011 / 2016  

  • “Modern and Topical” based on a one-act play and poems by George Souris. 

Direction: Manolis Ionas
Interpretation: Haris Mavroudis, Konstantinos Moutaftsis, Tatou Dede  


  • “SEVEN7”

Direction, Choreography: Tatou Dede 
Interpretation of Evi Souli: Maria Maltabe  


  • Monologue “The Return of Iphigenia” by Yiannis Ritsos.  

Direction: Manolis Ionas
Interpretation: Piano Tatou Dede  


          *performed at the United Solo Theater Festival in New York in 2015  

 These performances have been seen in festivals in Greece and abroad